I’m Really Tired. It’s A Good Thing.

I had a VC tell me I looked tired, and they meant it as a bad thing. Like that somehow being tired, meant unambitious, or that I was giving up. That because I had been exerting myself, I for some reason wouldn’t continue to do so.

I am tired. I’m really tired.

I’m running a startup. Raising a kid. Trying to be an awesome husband. If I wasn’t tired, there’s no way I could be doing a great job at all of those things. It’s not even clear yet if I am doing a great job… in 12 months if my company continues to have solid growth and hit our revenue goals… I’ll know. In 12 years when my daughter is a teenager and thinks she knows all she needs to know from me, and the values and models we set out for her guide her into a successful adult...

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